Your flight leaves in an hour

Who doesn’t love to travel? Be it in planes, trains, automobiles, or simply in your favorite armchair, the stories of distant times and far-away places beckon our imaginations to explore.

After years spent writing historical romances and traveling the world, Julie Tetel Andresen was inspired to invent her version of the time-slip novel, featuring three global locations and karmic groups of characters reincarnated from one time period to the next.

Each time-slip novel revolves around a central science mystery pulled from the pages of Science magazine: cancer research (THE BLUE HOUR), endangered coral reefs (THE CRIMSON HOUR), and rubber tree blight (THE EMERALD HOUR).

The bonus: these novels are double romances. One love story is set in historical time and produces long-term consequences; the other love story is in the present and the characters are thoroughly enmeshed in those consequences.

Slip between the pages and back in time.

JTA headshotJulie Tetel Andresen has written about language and love for more than 20 years. A professor of linguistics at Duke University, Julie has also written more than twenty romance novels and novellas. The Time Slip series was inspired by her decades of travel to all of the places featured in the books, and her frequent readings of Science magazine.

In the late 1990s, Julie was drawn to the articles she was reading on the enzyme telomerase, and made sure that microbiologist Alexandra Kaminski, the heroine of The Blue Hour, was focused on understanding the role of telomerase and cancer. Read More . . . 


“I’m already imagining the next adventure Julie Andresen is going to send me on, and I’m all packed and ready for my travels.”